Bombs for Peace.

Bath Bombs
Bath Bombs

Peace and the bomb is a contradiction in terms, polispeak words used during the  Cold War.They were referring to the mushroom cloud type but I am referring to bath indulgence. The analogy is the frizzing bit, the mushroom cloud frizzes out heat radiation scorching your flesh whereas the bath bomb frizzes out water warmed oil nourishingly caressing your skin.

Nowadays we don’t worry about blowing ourselves up, we use bombs to enjoy our bath time. A bath bomb is imperative to soak in particularly if you play sport and you want to relieve your aching  muscles or for stress release. Perhaps doomsday preppers could be prescribed a bomb to relieve their doomsday anxiety. To breath in the relax-inducing essential oils and float away to pristine, lapis lazuli waters of an island resort and at the end feel refreshed as been touched on your inner thigh or aired on the side of your neck. Immersing in the present stops the tomorrow thinking and brings inner peace, if the bath bomb doesn’t do that for them.. or well … there is no hope..

Incidentally I loved watching the show…I used to rate each preppers  survival plans and identified their pitfalls..the kids and I designed our own survival plans depending on the ‘what-if’ catastrophe the preppers visioned. Brainstorming what items we would need to survive really stretched our imagination especially in the advent of  the zombie apocalypse.

I mainly make these bombs for my son as he plays too much sport and he loves to soak in the oils after a heavy training session. I now have created a bath hog. These bombs made on a weekly basis, there is no buy option for me.

The recipe I downloaded off the internet and it doesn’t have salts. Different shaped moulds and the use of food colouring make these bombs unique gifts for various occasions.



one cup baking soda

half a cup citric acid-these two ingredients combined cause frizzing

half cup melted coconut oil

two teaspoon olive oil

one teaspoon vitamin E oil

one teaspoon vanilla extract

optional- few drops of lavender essential oil or your choice of Essential Oil

optional- few drops of food colouring or  two teaspoons or more depending on the depth of colour of ground dried spice eg cinnamon, turmeric, ginger.



1 Combine the baking soda and citric acid in one bowl


2 Get another small bowl and combine the olive oil, vitamin E oil, coconut oil, vanilla extract and if using essential oil.


3. Add the liquids to the solids and mix together with hands, mixture should be firm and doesn’t crumble.


4 Optional step, if you want colourful bombs add the colour now, whilst mixing. For bold colour add at least four drops for a softer look add one or two, you can add two teasponns  at least of dried herbs/spice here instead of food colouring.


5 Push mixture into moulds, depending on the size of the moulds will determine the number of bombs. I make six with this amount.


6 Place in the fridge for 24   to 48 hours until hardened. Place in a jar/container and use within two weeks



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