Take Care of the Sea- Friday Fiction

The Sea’s fury was determined to hammer the boat down into its depth. Meiko’s parents were busy bailing the water out to notice Meiko talking over the side.

“You wished to be a mermaid, not drown in the storm, I have been sent by the Sea Spirit to help you.”

Meiko catching glimpses of an iridescent tail said ” Will you promise to stay with me, I am frightened.”

“Trust me. We can travel the World to view untold of beauty. You will never have to work with your parents again. School with others, like us, in pristine waters down in the warm South where we are plenty.”

Meiko smiled her acceptance and with a heave ho of a wave she was enveloped into the water.

Suddenly the waves dissipated, the clouds fleeted away to let the golden rays complete a postcard picture of calm sea.

Through teary vision Meiko with her fish tail and a dolphin by her side were spotted flipping in and out of the ocean heading South.

The Sea Spirit’s demand for balance have been appeased.


Overfishing – Global Crisis.

Freak Sea Storm Claims Little Girl.

photo courtesy of Ady author of the Bourne of Infinitude.
photo courtesy of Ady author of the Bourne of Infinitu


10 thoughts on “Take Care of the Sea- Friday Fiction

    1. thank you for the feedback, it’s a confidence boost. I remember reading a story in Greek of a talking fish that is all I remember of the story and I used it. I feel my writing is getting better the more I write thanks to writing 101 and ffaw. I am reading other bloggers stories and that is definitely influencing me to write better. Any improvement I give credit to them, I like your puff the magic dragon story and that also partly inspired this story . I have a long way to go but it is a start.

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      1. I enjoyed your story and I hope you will continue writing stories for FFfAW! I also hope to read your stories in the other flash fiction challenges. I think your writing is very good.


  1. Poetic justice, the ocean fished out the little girl to strike an equilibrium for its overfished setting. An interesting story which provides food for thought.

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