Sunday Photo Fiction Chasing Rainbows.

The Challenge for Sunday Photo Fiction is to write a story with approximately 200 words using the photo as a prompt. At the end there is a link to read others’ stories.

Walking through the empty rooms I want to leave nothing behind except the stench of loser. Another failure which necessitates a move to my parent’s home for refuge.  Awaiting me will be “I told you so…”, never ending lectures, “better to do it this way..”and one thousand and one other critics. Then the overindulging of the ‘poor’ children”one more toy isn’t cataclysmic…” Last time it took me weeks to get them to acquiesce to “no you can’t have another plastic thinga-ma-jig.” without a long winded verbal wrestle. Why am I going there? That’s right, a roof over our heads.

These thoughts exhaust me, what is the point, I trance into futility.

A thud and a subsequent scream, their fighting breaks my trance. I take a deep breath and put on my self confidence mask to face my depression busters-they need me.

“Beeeep. ” the taxi is here; great the rain has stopped.

Jassie peers through rain droplets on the cab window and tugs my arm to show me the rainbow.

“Where to?”the cabby asks.

“Take us to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” Jassie instructs while I buckle Asia’s seat belt.

“Hmm” I smiled. A new beginning, a new rainbow…


9 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction Chasing Rainbows.

      1. oh, really.. I still loved your comment. I started a free course online about writing fiction run by Future Learn. I read the other writers and I think what am I doing here, I am totally out of my league.Then I remember why I am doing it, for fun, and I relax.

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