Sunday Fiction: Let’s Go For Ice-Cream


“What remains to be packed away, the Lego- ice cream van and Skeletor. “

“Look at how they are positioned it looks as if Skeletor the apex of villains is ordering ice cream for two.”

“I wonder if he is ordering for Mrs. Skeletor or is she getting some R & R in the secret lair and it’s his time with Junior.”

“Ice cream is good for their bones. It staves off osteoporosis. Three servings a day and warring with He-Man keeps his bones lubricated.”

“Now that we know his vulnerability he is not your wet your pants, tie your stomach in knots villain.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, all He-man has to do is POW him with an osteoporosis epidemic, wipes out nemesis. He-Man can hang up his sword end of show.”

“I disagree. It’s a magical realm, nobody eats anything. Do the show’s royals resemble any Royal you’ve seen? Skeletor must be made of cartilage. “

“Then why is he ordering ice-cream?”

“Maybe he’s not; maybe these pieces shouldn’t be stored but used as prompts to fire the imagination for a writing challenge.”

“Or they’re arranged to say I’ll buy you ice-cream as a thankyou for helping me pack.”


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