Sunday Photo Fiction- God’s Gift

Under the eternal ceiling of shimmering starlight and on the precipice of the nebulous, the newlyweds Nerofuto and Ishtara stare into each other’s flaming eyes and exchange gifts. He gave her the moon ring pendant of radiance and she heirloom cuff links of togetherness.

He swirled her around, she raised her hair and awaited him to clasp the necklace. The cuff links palmed in his hand and as he curled it to maneuver the attachment, their sharp points spiked him. He unclenched his hand but his reflexes weren’t quick to catch the falling cuff links as they rebounded off the precipice. The Titans watched mortified as the cuff links fell and splashed into a diminutive blue planet.

“Gather round everyone this erected feature is what the locals call ‘God’s Gift’. Nobody knows the anchors origin. The metal can’t be found on Earth and scientific testing show it predates existence. The anchors radiate under the moon’s watchful eye..-An enigma.

Folklore says couples who rub the anchors do not break up. The Island boasts of a zero divorce rate.”

The honeymooners and couples of the tour group rub the anchors before moving on.

anchors sunday fiction


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