FFAW – Happy Birthday


The first time I met my Godfather, I was drained travelling across continent to a designated spot in no-where-ville. So I didn’t believe my senses when his ’50’s Cadillac materialised. Greetings, hugs, he drove me to a building with an overhead sign reading ‘Aquarium’.

Inside, I guess being a weekday and nearing closing time the chamber was empty. He directed me to stand in front of the ceiling to floor tank. Then it happened. The tropical fish  moved in a patterned formation as looking into a kaleidoscope. Like did my reality slip into dreamin’? I looked at my Godfather and saw his spindly fingers moving in circles, waves, somersaults. I looked at the tank and looked at his fingers; in disbelief I did it again just to be sure. OMG, it was him!

He orchestrated the fish to form HAPPY BIRTHDAY:).

‘Sick’ he thought it was my birthday, I wished it was.


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fish tank photo


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