Hi Everyone,

I am a stay at home mum turn blogger. Initially my motivation was to test the waters for a market to sell home made products but that drive was partly usurped by  my need to write fiction. My blog features short stories, recipes, home made bath products and anything of interest.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. I love the blog and the organic coconut milk shampoo! Having tried the shampoo I can honestly say that my hair has never looked better. It replaced my shampoo and conditioner and I prefer using it. It cleans my hair and controls the frizz. I absolutely love it and can attest that it works.

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  2. We’ve been trying to eat better and use more natural products too so I have followed your blog and look forward to reading your posts. I got to try a lovely face scrub using oats, honey and yoghurt on a yoga retreat that I recently went on. The coconut milk shampoo sounds divine. I will have to read about that!!

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  3. May I also thank you BoF for your visit to my blog and leaving a follow plus many likes. I am here to return the favour and to enjoy your posts. Have a lovely week 😀 Ralph ❤


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